Someone special

Writer Of Crime Fiction

Evelyn O. Simon


  I was born and raised in Port Chester New York. I'm the youngest of seven siblings. My favorite pass time is creating artwork, to sell on a variety of products at I love writing short crime fiction. I also love to write story poetry.  

Story poetry is a rhyming poem that reads like a story. If you want to read any of my writings, please go to my books & writings page. Click on the links that will take you to the writer website. Thank you for stopping by.



Through the eyes of me: A poem.

Through the eyes of me,
I'm someone only I can see.
Through the eyes of me,
I'm loving, sensitive and like to hang around with my family.
Through the eyes of me,
I practice a life that's worry free.
Through the eyes of me,
I love to write inspirational poetry.
Through the eyes of me,
In God I trust, and because of Him, I am all that I can be.

By E. O. Simon